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What is Duelling Pianos?

Whether it be at an Elton John concert or a piano-bar, live piano music is loved by all. The piano is an instrument that everyone is drawn to no matter what their demographic. At a Take That concert, Gary Barlow walked out on stage on is own, sat at the piano and said "The bands not here yet, do you fancy a sing song?", literally everbody was up for it and were all soon singing along. The Piano has a magical power to draw people in - Multiply that magic by two and you have Duelling Pianos!

Duelling Piano Entertainers have vast repertoires and can play pretty much anything requested. With two pianos on stage and two entertainers leading the band, the guests are invited to make song requests, everybody gets to hear and join in to the songs they adore. It's an immersive and interactive performance that grabs the hearts of all who attend.

  • Two Pianos & Entertainers
  • Immersive performance
  • Vast repertoire
  • Performing Song requests

PianoFactor offer a wide range of Duelling Pianos Line-ups and have a show to suit every event.

The biggest line-up featuring 6 band members is the Duelling Pianos XXL show which includes:
2 Baby Grand Pianos, Drums, Saxophone, Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar.
Professional sound and lighting is also included, making for a spectacular show.

For more details regarding the various line-ups, options and prices, please click on the button at the bottom of this page.

What is Duelling Pianos?

What is the format?

Although the name Duelling Pianos suggests a Piano Battle, this is not really the case: The entertainers will try and out perform their partner using their mad piano skills but most of the performance involves the entertainers working together to create an exciting atmosphere for the guests. You may also find the entertainers swapping pianos or performing together (four handed) on one piano. The pianists exert vast amounts of energy and charisma whilst on stage and it is both exciting and inspiring to watch them perform.

We usually open the show with some big anthems and floor fillers to grab everybodys attention and get them up dancing. Request slips and pens will be available for all of the guests and we will announce that everyone is welcome to come up and make a request. As we perform the requested songs, We will also be sorting through the request slips and putting them into an order of play. This way we can keep the flow of the event going and keep people singing and dancing. We encourage audience participation throughout the performance, motivating the guests to sing out and join in with us as we perform.

  • Mad piano skills
  • Audience participation
  • Big anthems
  • Singing and dancing

All of our performances are full of energy and flambouyance. The PianoFactor team always puts in 100% as we love performing and can't wait to be on that stage in front of an audience. Performing and entertaining is what we do best and we cannot wait to entertain you!
If you would like to get in touch regarding and event then please click on the following link: Event Enquiry

Why choose PianoFactor?

Established in 2009, PianoFactor's team consists of the best entertainers and musicians in the business. The performances are truly interactive and the team strive to get all of the guests involved at every single event. PianoFactor go all out on stage and are not happy until every person in the room is having the best time possible. PianoFactor also offer a range of line-ups making the show suitable for events of all sizes.

The sound and lighting equipment is of a high caliber allowing PianoFactor to perform at events of any scale. The custom built white baby grand pianos are kept in pristine condition and look stunning in any setting. PianoFactor is a full time business run at a professional level. We have an outstanding track record and our customer reviews say it all. Rest assured you will be more than happy with the service from start to finish.

  • Top entertainers
  • 100% Energy on stage
  • Various Line-ups
  • Outstanding reviews

Whatever the occassion, PianoFactor will provide you with an unforgettable night of music and entertainment. The combined magic of two piano entertainers on two pianos will have everyone wanting to join in. A spectacular show featuring an outstanding team of professionals and a performance not to be missed!


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