Technical Details

Piano Shells

White Baby Grand Piano shells made by Dutch Grand in the Netherlands.

  • length: 146cm
  • Width: 100cm
  • Height: 85cm
  • Height when packed down: 25cm
  • Weight: 22KG / 48LBS

Piano Keyboards

Yamaha CP33 Digital stage pianos which slot into the above Piano Shells

Bass Keyboards

Korg Micro-X Keyboards which sit on top of Piano Shells. These are used in most of our lineups apart from the XXL shows in which a Bass Guitarist is included in the lineup.

Drum Kits

We have a few drumkits available and will use whichever is appropriate for the venue/event.

  • Yamaha Stage Custom
  • Rogers Vintage Rock Kit
  • Rogers Vintage Jazz Kit
  • Roland TD-50K2 V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

Other Instruments

Depending on the lineup, other band members will bring their appropriate instruments

PA Systems

We have several PA systems available and will use whichever is appropriate for the venue/event.

  • 2KW PA System 0 - 200 guests
  • 4KW PA System 200 - 500 guests
  • 8KW PA System 500 - 1000 guests (additional cost may apply)
  • 16KW PA System 1000 - 2000 guests (additional cost may apply)

Mixing Desk

We currently use the following mixing console and outboard gear.

  • Soundcraft Ui24R Mixing Console with iPad control
  • DBX DriveRack PA2 - Complete Loudspeaker Management System
  • Eaton 1200VA Tower UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply


The following lights are included as standard.

  • 2 X Ultrabrite RGB LED PAR lights
  • 2 X Chauvet 1m RGB LED Battens
  • RGB LED lights fixed to the pianos

If you require any special effects or additional lighting then please contact us and we will be glad to help.


We use the following microphones.

  • 2 X Sennheiser EW100 G3 Handheld Wireless Microphones - 566-608 MHz
  • Rode NT4 overhead drum mic
  • Shure Beta52A dynamic bass drum mic (supercardioid)
  • Shure BETA 57A Instrument Microphone
  • Shure GLXD14/B98 Digital Wireless Instrument Microphone System - 2.4GHz


We use either of the following sytems depending on the venue/event.

  • In Ear Monitoring (1-6) - Xvive U4 Wireless in-Ear Monitor System - 2.4GHz
  • Wedge Monitors (1-6) - dB Technologies Flexsys FM12

We are more than happy to liaise directly with the venue and arrange to come in and have everything setup and ready before your guests arrive. The Pianos themselves are custom made for the show and weigh only 22KG, the legs fold in and they can be easily lifted by one person. Once packed down they measure 145cm x 100cm x 25cm so they will fit through most doorways.

A temporary loading bay/area must be provided at the Venue in order for PianoFactor to load-in and load-out all equipment

Access plays a big part in the setup time so if there are long corridors, steps or other obstacles then please take this into consideration in addition to normal setup time. There may be an additional fee if the function room is not at ground level and there is no lift access. Please check with us beforehand if access route involves steps.

Minimum door width: 0.65m
Minimum lift size: (L)1m x (W)0.65m (H)1.5m

PianoFactor reserves the right to refuse to load in the equipment if it considers the access dangerous/unsafe/impassable or if there is a risk of injury to the PianoFactor crew or to anybody else present.

The Client shall procure that adequate parking is provided before, during and after the performance. Parking requirements will be detailed in the contract.

Duelling Pianos

6m x 3m is a perfect space for the duelling pianos show. Usually the setup is configured in a line with drums in the middle and the pianos each side. The setup is very flexible though and we have options to setup in various configurations.

One Piano Show

4m x 3m is the perfect space for the One Piano Show with drummer, without Drummer then 3m x 3m is great.

If you have any concerns regarding space then please contact us and we can assess the venue.


Depends on the venue access. Straight from the trailer into a marquee would take around 20 mins. Through the corridors and small service lifts in an old hotel could take anything up to an hour or two.


Usually 1 hour


30 minutes - For health and safety reasons, it is essential that the room is empty of guests during this time.

Tear down

45 minutes


Same timeframe as load-in

Either of these will cover the majority of setups. For larger systems we will require more power which will be outlined in the contract.

2x 13A sockets on separate ring circuits; or
2x 16A single phase sockets.

We are happy to perform on a stage or on the floor. If you do want us on a stage and the venue does not supply one then please contact us

We will do all we can to stay within the limits of a sound limiter if one is in place. We have UPS backup power protection in place but there is still a small risk of damage to equipment if a sound limiter cuts off the mains power at any point. Please click on the following link if the venue you are using has a sound limiter: Sound Limiters

Duelling Pianos XXL

2x Baby Grand Pianos, Drums, Sax, Guitar & Bass

Duelling Pianos XL

2x Baby Grand Pianos, Drums, Sax and Guitar

Duelling Pianos L

2x Baby Grand Pianos, Drums and Sax

Duelling Pianos M

2x Baby Grand Pianos and Drums

Duelling Pianos S

2x Baby Grand Pianos

One Piano Show XXL

1x Baby Grand Piano, Drums, Sax, Guitar and Bass

One Piano Show XL

1x Baby Grand Piano, Drums, Sax and Guitar

One Piano Show L

1x Baby Grand Piano, Drums and Sax

One Piano Show M

1x Baby Grand Piano and Drums

One Piano Show S

1x Baby Grand Piano

Popup PianoBar Classic

1x Baby Grand Piano (small events only)

Popup PianoBar Party

1x Baby Grand Piano (small events only)

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