How do I book PianoFactor?

1. Use our Booking Enquiry Form
We will get right back to you with our availability and a quote.
2. Decide on a lineup and then fill in the online booking form. (Link will be sent via email)
A contract will be drawn up and a link will be emailed to you along with an invoice for the deposit.
3. Make the deposit payment and digitally sign the contract.
Once both have been received, we will confirm your booking.

Do you need a deposit to secure the booking?

Yes, we require a 50% deposit to book.

How do I pay the deposit?

We accept the following methods of payment:
Bank Transfer: Details will be on the invoice.
Credit/debit card: We can send you a PayByLink via email.
PayPal: We can send you a link to pay via PayPal.

Is there any VAT applied to the prices?

No, we are not VAT registered at present.

How long is the performance?

As standard we offer the following:
3 x 45 minute sets
We can also provide shorter or longer performances, please feel free to ask when you get in touch with us.

Do you supply music for the breaks?

We have a laptop full of music and yes, we are more than happy to provide upbeat music during our breaks to keep everybody dancing.

Can you supply a DJ with your show?

Yes absolutely! We have a fabulous DJ that really compliments our show. Just ask to book a package that includes our DJ.

Which musicians will be performing at the event?

We have a team of talented entertainers who will be hand picked for your event.
Meet the team

What is the maximum number of guests you can perform to?

There is no limit, we can bring in as much sound, staging and lighting as needed.

What is the minimum number of guests you would perform to?

I did a private performance for 4 people a few years ago, that was a little tricky, realistically 25 guests would be the minimum.

How many songs do you know?

We have a repertoire of around 3000 songs.

What age groups do you perform to?

All ages! We have songs to suit everybody.

Do you supply the sound system?

Yes. We supply a professional sound system as part of the package.
For more details please see: Technical Details > Our Equipment

Do you have a lighting setup?

Yes, we have plenty of amazing lights to make for a stunning show.
For more details please see: Technical Details > Our Equipment

How much space do you need?

Approx. 6mx3m for Duelling Pianos show and 4m x 3m for the One Piano Show.
For more details please see: Technical Details > Space Required

How long does it take to setup?

Please see: Technical Details > Setup Timeframe.

Do you need a stage?

We are happy to perform on a stage or on the floor. If you do want us on a stage and the venue does not supply one then please contact us

How much power do you need?

Please see Technical Details > Power/Electricity Requirements

How far will you travel?

We will perform anywhere in the world, it's only a case of checking our availability on the date(s) required and working out the travel arrangements/costs.

Is there a charge for travel?

For events up to 200 miles away from SG16 6PA there is a travel charge of £0.75 per mile, round trip. For Events further afield, travel expenses will be worked out on application

Will you perform in Central London?

Yes we do however, getting through London is time consuming and ultimately costly. Costs include: Congestion Charge, ULEZ (which is also charged again for post midnight travel) and parking fees. Timeframe is also an issue as the logistics of getting the equipment into London buildings and being able to park large vehicles can take hours. The travel expenses for venues located in central London are set at a price of £295.

How do you get the equipment abroad?

Either we use an external logistics company to transport the equipment or in many cases the equipment can be hired abroad.

Do you require accommodation?

For events over 1 hour away from SG16 6PA then accommodation may be required. We do understand that providing accommodation can eat into the budget so we do our best to keep these expenses down and only ask for accommodation when it is necessary.

What are your terms and conditions?

Our terms and conditions can be found here: Documents

Do you have Public Liability Insurance? PLI

Yes we do and you can download our public liability insurance certificate here: Documents

Is your equipment PAT tested?

Yes, our equipment is tested annually. PAT certificate can be found here: Documents

Can you provide a Risk Assessment

Yes, we have a generic Risk Assesment document that can be downloaded here: Documents

Do you have protocol in place for COVID-19

Yes, all details regarding COVID-can be found in out Terms & Conditions and Risk Assesment, both downloadable here: Documents

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